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a/n: ok so this is my first imagine every so please lemme know how it is! you can ask me to do imagines for you if you want I just need a boy& scenerio :)

{ y/n’s point of view }

so you and Sammy, your boyfriend, we’re going out to eat with the rest of the Omaha gang. he was picking you up in 2 hours so you showered, got dressed, put on your make- up, and put on your shoes. You wore a white, short, flowy dress with brown sandals. For make-up you wore eyeliner, mascara, and a little blush. Next thing you know Sammy texted you saying he was at your house so you ran outside to his car.

* skip car ride *

So you arrived at the restaurant and you and Sammy were at the end of the table. You ordered a steak because what girl doesn’t like steak. Sammy ordered the same thing because he’s just Sammy and likes steak (lol).
You and Sammy were sitting and talking to all the boys, just waiting for your food when your felt a hand on your upper thigh. You knew it was just Sammy because this isn’t the first time it has happened so you were able to hold in your moans and gasps. Sammy started to rub you through your panties, but little did he know you were on your period. Yes, you were wearing a pad because tampons hurt your vagina and yes you were wearing a white dress because some times you gotta be risky.
” Sammy don’t do that I’m-” you started to say but Sammy cut you off.
“Shh, y/n, I’m trying to listen to their conversation” he replied
” but, but-” you tried saying
“Just shut up and enjoy your pleasurement” Sammy said.
you sighed and just gave up trying. He kept rubbing you through your panties, then he starting fingering your vagina.
Sammy saw food coming so he pulled his fingers out of your vagina and went to go lick them. He saw the blood on his fingers and his eyes got really wide. He looked at you and stared.
” I tried to tell you” you said looking at him.
Now everyone was looking at him and he threw up all over the table. Then, Sammy ran out of the restaurant yelling.
” FUCK MY LIFE” was what he was yelling.
Little did you know that you, the boys, and his family would ever se him again. You all believed he later ran to a strip club, got drunk, and married a stripper.
you on the other hand had ended up marrying big mike and had 6 kids who all had an Afro.



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